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Why Kid'z Academy?

Why you should choose Kid'z Academy? These are the key factors that truly set us apart from standard child care centers.

  • Warm, loving Environment
  • Clean Upscale Environment
  • Music providing multicultural, seasonal, and theme-based music in the classroom
  • Low teacher to child ratios
  • Experienced Staff
  • All staff members are trained and certified
  • Oversized Rooms
  • Proven educational Curriculum by Leap
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Parenting workshops




In the baby room the infants are given lots of personal attention which is easily facilitated by a high staff ratio. Babies are cuddled and nursed just as they would at home, and feel so relaxed and comfortable in this caring environment. As with the older children there will be planned themes to provide new and interesting activities. Books and rhymes are read to the children and music and singing is an everyday activity.

As the children grow and require more complex toys and activities for their developing concentration span, they will gradually move into the toddler area. This provides for more adventurous activities such as role-play and construction. We adults may describe water and sand as ‘messy play’ but it is a wonderful experience for learning the properties of water and the construction potential of sand! The wide range of toys and equipment allow the children the opportunity to explore and become confident under our careful guidance. We continue to record the progress your child makes so that you are aware of how he or she is progressing at any time. This record becomes even more valuable in years to come when you reflect on how he or she changed from baby to child.

Some time after the age of three, children will become more interested in developing literacy and numeracy skills. We have ensured that the work covers so that children are prepared for their entry into  primary school which should commence at least a term after a child’s fifth birthday. Each child develops at his/her own individual pace in the various areas and we take account of this when deciding when a child is ready to benefit from the slightly more structured pre-school setting. Children approaching four will be able to spend increasing amounts of time working towards the Early Learning Goals but it is always made to be enjoyable. They will have the opportunity to use the computer for some of the activities, and will therefore no doubt be able to teach their parents a thing or two! 


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