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Why Kid'z Academy?

Why you should choose Kid'z Academy? These are the key factors that truly set us apart from standard child care centers.

  • Warm, loving Environment
  • Clean Upscale Environment
  • Music providing multicultural, seasonal, and theme-based music in the classroom
  • Low teacher to child ratios
  • Experienced Staff
  • All staff members are trained and certified
  • Oversized Rooms
  • Proven educational Curriculum by Leap
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Parenting workshops


Welcome To Kid'z Academy


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” ------ Albert Einstein

Kid’z Academy provides the child with a friendly environment that can help him or her to grow and learn in and enjoyable way.

The Mission of Kid’z Academy is to make learning joyful and provide value for money being contributed by a parent for his/her children.

Our Philosophy: We believe that education is nurturing the child within every child. The inherent characteristics of curiosity, wonder and exploration, sensitivity and awareness towards people, surroundings and environment is created and children experience learning as a joyful journey.

Our Beliefs: Advanced medical sciences prove that the rapid development of the brain takes place between 3-6 years of age where with the right mentoring and choices presented before the child, he learns to excel in life. This age should not remain a period of pressure on the child to learn, but rather a period when with the right environment the child chooses what he wants to do, sequentially and with responsibility.

Our Objective: We are determined to ensure that quality pre-school education reaches the child at an affordable cost.



Kid'z Academy is an associated pre-school center of LEAP Educational renowned ventures which is an intiative by educationalists with two decades of experienec in early childhood care and education.

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